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2018Long-term study on coarse mode aerosols in the Amazon rain forest with the frequent intrusion of Saharan dust plumesMorán-Zuloaga, Daniel; Ditas, Florian; Walter, David; Saturno, Jorge; Brito, Joel F.; Carbone, Samara; Chi, Xuguang; Hrab? de Angelis, Isabella; Baars, Holger; H M Godoi, Ricardo; Heese, Birgit; A Holanda, Bruna; Lavric, J. V.; Martin, Scot T.; Ming, Jing; L Pöhlker, Mira; Ruckteschler, Nina; Su, Hang; Wang, Yaqiang; Wang, Qiaoqiao; Wang, Zhibin; Weber, Bettina; Wolff, Stefan; Artaxo, Paulo; Pöschl, Ulrich; Andreae, Meinrat O.; Pöhlker, Christopher