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2021Changes in gill and air-breathing organ characteristics during thetransition from water- to air-breathing in juvenile Arapaima gigasFrommel, Andrea Y.; Kwan, Garfield T.; Prime, Kaelan J.; Tresguerres, Martin; Lauridsen, Henrik; Val, Adalberto L.; Goncalves, Ligia U.; Brauner, Colin J.
2021The physiology of fish in acidic waters rich in dissolved organiccarbon, with specific reference to the Amazon basin: Ionoregulation,acid-base regulation, ammonia excretion, and metal toxicityMorris, Carolyn; Val, Adalberto L.; Brauner, Colin J.; Wood, Chris M.
2020Preferential intracellular pH regulation is a common trait amongst fishes exposed to high environmental COShartau, Ryan B.; C., Damsgaard,; Brauner, Colin J.; Baker, Daniel W.; Harter, Till Sebastian; L., Aboagye, D.; J., Allen, P.; Val, Adalberto Luis; A., Crossley, D.; F., Kohl, Z.; S., Hedrick, M.