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2005Tree allometry and improved estimation of carbon stocks and balance in tropical forestsChave, Jérôme; Andalo, Christophe; Brown, Sandra L.; Cairns, Michael A.; Chambers, Jeffrey Quintin; Eamus, Derek; Fölster, Horst; Fromard, François; Higuchi, Niro; Kira, T.; Lescure, J. P.; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Ogawa, Husato; Puig, Henri; Riéra, Bernard; Yamakura, Takuo
2004Tropical forest tree mortality, recruitment and turnover rates: Calculation, interpretation and comparison when census intervals varyLewis, Simon L.; Phillips, Oliver L.; Sheil, Douglas; Vinceti, Barbara; Baker, Timothy R.; Brown, Sandra L.; Graham, Andrew W.; Higuchi, Niro; Hilbert, David W.; Laurance, William F.; Jean, Lejoly,; Malhi, Yadvinder Singh; Monteagudo, Abel Lorenzo; Vargas, Percy Núñez; Sonké, Bonaventure; Nur Supardi, Mohd Noor; Terborgh, John W.; Martínez, Rodolfo Vásquez