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2016Foraging with finesse: A hard-fruit-eating primate selects the weakest areas as bite sitesBarnett, Adrian Ashton; Bezerra, Bruna; Santos, Paulo J.P.; Spironello, Wilson Roberto; Shaw, Peter J.A.; MacLarnon, Ann M.; Ross, Caroline
2012Primary seed dispersal by three Neotropical seed-predating primates (Cacajao melanocephalus ouakary, Chiropotes chiropotes and Chiropotes albinasus)Barnett, Adrian Ashton; Boyle, Sarah Ann; Pinto, Líliam Patrícia; Lourenc, Waldete C.; Almeida, Thais; Silva, Welma Sousa; Ronchi-Teles, Beatriz; Bezerra, Bruna; Ross, Caroline; MacLarnon, Ann M.; Spironello, Wilson Roberto
2012Sleeping site selection by golden-backed uacaris, Cacajao melanocephalus ouakary (Pitheciidae), in Amazonian flooded forestsBarnett, Adrian Ashton; Shaw, Peter J.A.; Spironello, Wilson Roberto; MacLarnon, Ann M.; Ross, Caroline
2012Terrestrial Activity in Pitheciins (Cacajao, Chiropotes, and Pithecia)Barnett, Adrian Ashton; Boyle, Sarah Ann; Norconk, Marilyn A.; Palminteri, Suzanne; Santos, Ricardo Rodrigues dos; Veiga, Liza M.; Alvim, Thiago H G; Bowler, Mark T.; Chism, Janice L.; Di Fiore, Anthony; Fernández-Duque, Eduardo; Guimarães, Ana C. P.; Harrison-Levine, Amy; Haugaasen, Torbjørn; Lehman, Shawn M.; MacKinnon, Katherine C.; Melo, Fabiano Rodrigues de; Moreira, Leandro Santana; Moura, Viviane Sodré; Phillips, Carson R.; Pinto, Líliam Patrícia; Port-Carvalho, Marcio; Setz, Eleonore Zulnara Freire; Shaffer, Christopher A.; Silva, Lívia Rodrigues da; Silva, Suleima do Socorro Bastos da; Soares, Rafaela F.; Thompson, Cynthia L.; Vieira, Tatiana Martins; Vreedzaam, Arioene; Walker-Pacheco, Suzanne E.; Spironello, Wilson Roberto; MacLarnon, Ann M.; Ferrari, Stephen Francis
2012Terrestrial foraging by cacajao melanocephalus ouakary (primates) in Amazonian Brazil: Is choice of seed patch size and position related to predation risk?Barnett, Adrian Ashton; Almeida, Thais; Spironello, Wilson Roberto; Silva, Welma Sousa; MacLarnon, Ann M.; Ross, Caroline