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2020Phylogenetic and morphological analyses of species of Marasmius sect. Marasmius from the Atlantic Rainforest, BrazilOliveira, Jadson José Souza de; Moncalvo, Jean Marc; Margaritescu, Simona; Capelari, Marina
2020Six new species of Tetrapyrgos (Basidiomycota, Agaricales, Marasmiaceae) from the Brazilian AmazonKomura, Dirce Leimi; Oliveira, Jadson José Souza de; Jean-marc, Moncalvo,; Margaritescu, Simona; Zartman, Charles Eugene
2020Two novel species of Lactifluus subg. Pseudogymnocarpi (Russulaceae) from BrazilSilva-Filho, Alexandre G.S.; Sá, Mariana Cavalcante Almeida; Komura, Dirce Leimi; Moncalvo, Jean Marc; Margaritescu, Simona; Roy, Mélanie; Wartchow, Felipe