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2007NATURAL HISTORY OF AMAZON FISHESCarvalho, Lucélia Nobre; Zuanon, Jansen Alfredo Sampaio; Sazima, Ivan
2000Natural history of Scoloplax empousa (Scoloplacidae), a minute spiny catfish from the Pantanal in western BrazilSazima, Ivan; Machado, Francisco A; Zuanon, Jansen Alfredo Sampaio
2004Natural history os Stauroglanis gouldingi (Silutiformes: Trichomycteridae), a miniature sand-dwelling candiru from Central Amazonian streamletsZuanon, Jansen Alfredo Sampaio; Sazima, Ivan
2005The ogre catfish: prey scooping by the auchenipterid Asterophysus batrachusZuanon, Jansen Alfredo Sampaio; Sazima, Ivan
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2005Puncture wounds by driftwood catfish during bucket baths: Local habits of riverside people and fish natural history in the AmazonSazima, Ivan; Zuanon, Jansen; Haddad Junior, Vidal
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2006A remarkable sand-dwelling fish assemblage from central Amazonia, with comments on the evolution of psammophily in South American freshwater fishesZuanon, Jansen; Bockmann, Flávio Alicino; Sazima, Ivan
1993Short Notes: Predators of the nest building gladiator frog, Hyla faber, in southeastern BrazilMartins, Marcio; Sazima, Ivan; Egler, Silvia G.
2018Spatial distance and climate determine modularity in a cross-biomes plant–hummingbird interaction network in BrazilAraujo, Andréa Cardoso de; Martín González, Ana M.; Sandel, Brody S.; Maruyama, Pietro Kiyoshi; Fischer, Erich; Vizentin-Bugoni, Jeferson; Araújo, Francielle Paulina de; Coelho, Aline Góes; Faria, R. R.; Kohler, Glauco; Las-Casas, Flor Maria Guedes; Lopes, Ariadna Valentina; Machado, Adriana Oliveira; Machado, Caio Graco; Machado, I. C.; McGuire, Jimmy A.; Moura, Alan Cerqueira; Oliveira, Genilda M.; Oliveira, Paulo E.; Rocca, Márcia Alexandra; Rodrigues, Licléia da Cruz; Rodrigues, Marcos; Rui, Ana Maria; Sazima, Ivan; Sazima, Marlies And I.; Varassin, Isabela Galarda; Wang, Zhiheng; Dalsgaard, Bo; Svenning, Jens Christian
2002Teleocichla centisquama, a new species of rapids-dwelling cichlid from Xingu River, Amazonia (Perciformes, Cichlidae)Zuanon, Jansen Alfredo Sampaio; Sazima, Ivan
2004Vampire catfishes seek the aorta not the jugular: candirus of the genus Vandellia (Trichomycteridae) feed on major gill arteries of host fishesZuanon, Jansen Alfredo Sampaio; Sazima, Ivan