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2019Testing main Amazonian rivers as barriers across time and space within widespread taxaPirani, Renata Magalhães; Werneck, F. P.; Thomaz, Andréa Tonolli; Kenney, Mariah L.; Sturaro, Marcelo José; Ávila-Pires, Teresa Cristina Sauer; Peloso, Pedro Luiz Vieira; Rodrigues, Miguel Trefaut; Knowles, Laura Lacey
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2018Thermal physiology of Amazonian lizards (Reptilia: Squamata)Diele-Viegas, Luisa Maria; Vitt, Laurie Joseph; Sinervo, Barry R.; Colli, Guarino R.; Werneck, F. P.; Miles, Donald B.; Magnusson, William Ernest; Santos, Juan Carlos; Sette, C. M.; Caetano, Gabriel H.O.; Pontes, Emerson; Ávila-Pires, Teresa Cristina Sauer
2020Time of activity is a better predictor of the distribution of a tropical lizard than pure environmental temperaturesCaetano, Gabriel H.O.; Santos, Juan Carlos; Godinho, Leandro Braga; Cavalcante, Vitor H.G.L.; Diele-Viegas, Luisa Maria; Campelo, Pedro H.; Martins, Lidia F.; Oliveira, Alan F.S.; Alvarenga, Júlio Miguel; C., Wiederhecker, Helga; Novaes E Silva, VerÔnica de; Werneck, F. P.; Miles, Donald B.; Colli, Guarino R.; Sinervo, Barry R.