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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
2005Ecological traits of declining amphibians in upland areas of eastern Australia.Jean Marc Hero; Stephen E Williams; William Ernest Magnusson
2011Ecology and bioprospectingBEATTIE, ANDREW J.; HAY, MARK; William Ernest Magnusson; De NYS, ROCKY; SMEATHERS, JAMES; VINCENT, JULIAN F. V.
1997Ecology Of Whiptail Lizards (Cnemidophorus) In The Amazon Region Of Brasil.L. J. Vitt; P. A. Zani; J. P. Caldwell; M. C. ARAÚJO; William Ernest Magnusson
1984Economics, Developing Countries, And The Captive Propagation Of Crocodilians.William Ernest Magnusson
2004Ecoregion as a pragmatic tool.William Ernest Magnusson
1995Effects of annual fire on the production of fleshy fruits eaten by birds in a Brazilian Amazonian savannaWilliam Ernest Magnusson; Tânia Margarete Sanaiotti
1999Effects of climate and food availability on four rodent species in southeastern Brazil.Helena Bergallo; William Ernest Magnusson
2004Effects of fire, food availability and vegetation on the distribution of the rodent Bolomys lasiurus in an Amazonian savanaViviane Maria Guedes Layme; William Ernest Magnusson; Albertina Pimentel Lima
2003Effects of selective logging on the diversity and abundance of flowering and fruiting understory plants in a central Amazonian forestFlávia Regina Capellotto Costa; William Ernest Magnusson
2011Emergence behaviour of yacare caimans (Caiman crocodilus yacare) in the Brazilian PantanalZilca Campos; William Ernest Magnusson
1986Factors Affecting Densities Of Cnemidophorus Lemniscatus .William Ernest Magnusson; C.R. FRANKE; L.A. Kasper
2008Factors affecting the number of caimans seen during spotlight surveys in the Mamairuá Reserve, Brazilian Amazônia.Ronis Da Silveira; William Ernest Magnusson; John T Thorbjarnarson
2008Feeding behavior of two sympatric caiman species, Melanosuchus niger and Caiman crocodilus, in the Brazilian Amazon.Boris Marioni; Ronis Da Silveira; William Ernest Magnusson; John T Thorbjarnarson
1993Field activity temperatures of Amazonian savanna lizards.William Ernest Magnusson
2005Field body temperatures of caimans in the Pantanal, Brazil.Zilca Campos; Marcos Coutinho; William Ernest Magnusson
2008First record of the bushy-tailed opossum, Glironia venusta, Thomas, 1912, (Didelphimorphia) from Manaus, Amazonas, BrazilJavier Calzada; Miguel Delibes; Cláudia Keller; Francisco Palomares; William Ernest Magnusson
2006Fish assemblages in temporary ponds adjacent to ?terra-firme? streams in Central AmazoniaVictor Fernando Volpato Pazin; William Ernest Magnusson; Jansen Alfredo Sampaio Zuanon; Fernando Pereira de Mendonça
1994Foraging Activity and Diet of Four Sympatric Lizard Species in a Tropical RainforestGasnier T R; William Ernest Magnusson; Albertina Pimentel Lima
2012Functional necrophilia: a profitable anuran reproductive strategy?Thiago Junqueira Izzo; Domingos de Jesus Rodrigues; Marcelo Menin; Marcelo Menin; William Ernest Magnusson; Albertina Pimentel Lima
1987Geographic Distribuition: Cnemidophorus Leminiscatus.T C S AvilaPires; PECCININI-SEALE D.; William Ernest Magnusson