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2021Big trees drive forest structure patterns across a lowland Amazon regrowth gradientCaron, Tassiana Maylla Fontoura; Chuma, Victor Juan Ulises Rodriguez; Sandi, Alexander Arévalo; Norris, Darren
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2018Diversity of terrestrial mammal seed dispersers along a lowland Amazon forest regrowth gradientArévalo-Sandi, Alexander Roldán; Bobrowiec, Paulo Estefano Dineli; Chuma, Victor Juan Ulises Rodriguez; Norris, Darren
2016Too rare for non-timber resource harvest? Meso-scale composition and distribution of arborescent palms in an Amazonian sustainable-use forestNorris, Darren; Chuma, Victor Juan Ulises Rodriguez; Arévalo-Sandi, Alexander Roldán; Landazuri Paredes, Omar Stalin; Peres, Carlos A.