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2019Histopathology associated with infection by Procamallanus (Spirocamallanus) inopinatus (Nematoda) in farmed Brycon cephalus (Characiformes) from Peru: a potential fish health problemS., Rivadeneyra, Norma L.; Mertins, Omar; C., Cuadros, Ruben; Malta, Jose Celso de Oliveira; V., de Matos, Lorena; D., Mathews, Patrick
2018Morphology and surface ultrastructure of Dadaytrema oxycephala (Digenea: Cladorchiidae) with a new host record from Peruvian Amazon floodplainC., Cuadros, Ruben; S., Rivadeneyra, Norma L.; Malta, Jose Celso de Oliveira; M., Enrique Serrano-martínez,; D., Mathews, Patrick