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2003A new species of Cnemidophorus (Squamata: Teiidae) from the Cerrado biome in Central BrazilG R Colli; P H Valdujo; G H C Vieira; L J Vitt; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; H C Wiederhecker; M G Zatz; J P Caldwell; G C Costa; A M Gainsbury; A A Garda; D O Mesquita; C M M R Filho; A H B Soares; V N Silva
2015Biogeographic history and cryptic diversity of saxicolous Tropiduridae lizards endemic to the semiarid CaatingaFernanda de Pinho Werneck; Rafael; Silvia R Geurgas; Miguel Trefaut Urbano Rodrigues
2012Climatic stability in the Brazilian Cerrado: implications for biogeographical connections of South American savannas, species richness and conservation in a biodiversity hotspotFernanda de Pinho Werneck; NOGUEIRA, CRISTIANO; Guarino Rinaldi Colli; Guarino Rinaldi Colli; SITES, JACK W.; Costa, Gabriel C.
2016Cryptic lineages and diversification of an endemic anole lizard (Squamata, Dactyloidae) of the Cerrado hotspotCarlos E Guarnizo; Miguel Trefaut Urbano Rodrigues; Tainá F. Dorado-Rodrigues; Tony; Guarino Rinaldi Colli; F P Werneck; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Lilian G. Giugliano; Marcella G. Santos; Jéssica Fenker; Lucas Sousa; Annelise B. D'Angiolella; Adriana R. dos Santos; Christine Strüssmann
2012Deep diversification and long-term persistence in the South American ?dry diagonal?: integrating continent-wide phylogeography and distribution modeling of geckosFernanda de Pinho Werneck; Tony Gamble; Guarino Rinaldi Colli; Rodrigues, Miguel T.; Jack W. Sites Jr.
2009Determinants of assemblage structure in Neotropical Dry Forest lizardsFernanda de Pinho Werneck; G R Colli; L J Vitt
2006Enyalius sp (NCN). Predation.Daniel Paz Decanini; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck
2014Formulating conservation targets for a gap analysis of endemic lizards in a biodiversity hotspotVerônica Novaes Silva; Robert L Pressey; Ricardo Bonfim Machado; Jeremy VanDerWal; Helga Correa Wiederhecker; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Guarino Rinaldi Colli
2014Geographic variation and systematic review of the lizard genus Vanzosaura (Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae), with the description of a new speciesRenato Sousa Recoder; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Mauro Teixeira Jr; Guarino Rinaldi Colli; Sites Jr, Jack W.; Miguel Trefaut Urbano Rodrigues
2014In the Wake of Invasion: Tracing the Historical Biogeography of the South American Cricetid Radiation (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae)Rafael; Sergio-Orestis Kolokotronis; Francisca C. Almeida; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Duke S. Rogers; Marcelo Weksler
2013Microhabitat variation explains local-scale distribution of terrestrial Amazonian lizards in Rondônia, Western BrazilGarda, Adrian A.; Wiederhecker, Helga C.; GAINSBURY, ALISON M.; Costa, Gabriel C.; Pyron, R. Alexander; CALAZANS VIEIRA, GUSTAVO H.; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Guarino Rinaldi Colli; Guarino Rinaldi Colli
2012Phylogeny and cryptic diversity in geckos (Phyllopezus; Phyllodactylidae; Gekkota) from South America s open biomesGamble, Tony; Colli, Guarino R.; Rodrigues, Miguel T.; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Simons, Andrew M.
2009Phylogeny, biogeography and evolution of clutch size in South American lizards of the genus Kentropyx (Squamata: Teiidae)Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Lilian Giugliano; Rosane Garcia Collevatti; Guarino Rinaldi Colli
2012Phylogeography of the Teiid lizard Kentropyx calcarata and the Sphaerodactylid Gonatodes humeralis (Reptilia: Squamata): testing a geological scenario for the lower Amazon-Tocantins basins, Amazonia, BrazilAvila-Pires; Mulcahy, D. G.; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Jack W Sites
2013Quaternary range and demographic expansion of (Squamata: Liolaemidae) in the Monte Desert of Central Argentina using Bayesian phylogeography and ecological niche modellingArley Camrgo; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Mariana Morando; Sites Jr, Jack W.; Luciano Avila
2012Reproduction, Body Size, and Diet of Polychrus acutirostris (Squamata: Polychrotidae) in Two Contrasting Environments in BrazilGarda, Adrian A.; Vieira, Gustavo H. C.; Vitt, Laurie J.; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Wiederhecker, Helga C.; Colli, Guarino R.; Costa, Gabriel C.; França, Frederico G. R.; Giugliano, Lilian G.; Leite, Giselle S.; Mesquita, Daniel O.; Nogueira, Cristiano; Tavares-Bastos, Leonora; Vasconcellos, Mariana M.
2011Revisiting the historical distribution of Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests: new insights based on palaeodistribution modelling and palynological evidenceFernanda de Pinho Werneck; Gabriel Corrêa Costa; Guarino Rinaldi Colli; Darién E Prado; Jack W Sites
2015The autoecology of Anolis brasiliensis (Squamata, Teiidae) in a Neotropical SavannaDaniel Oliveira Mesquita; L J Vitt; Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Helga Correa Wiederhecker; Guarino Rinaldi Colli; G C Costa; Adriano S. Figueiredo; Frederico Gustavo Rodrigues França; A A Garda; A H B Soares; Leonora Tavares Bastos; Mariana Mira Vasconcellos; Gustavo Henrique Calazans Vieira
2011The diversification of eastern South American open vegetation biomes: historical biogeography and perspectivesFernanda de Pinho Werneck
2006The lizard assemblage from Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest enclaves in the Cerrado biome, Brazil and its association with the Pleistocenic Arc.Fernanda de Pinho Werneck; Guarino Rinaldi Colli