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artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2020Checklist of dragonflies and damselflies (Insecta: Odonata) of the Amazonas State, BrazilKoroiva, Ricardo; Neiss, Ulisses Gaspar; Fleck, Günther; Hamada, Neusa
2013Description of the adult male of Aeschnosoma auripennis Geijskes, 1970 (Odonata: Corduliidae s.s.)Neiss, Ulisses Gaspar; Fleck, Günther; Malta Feitoza, Lorrane Aesha; Hamada, Neusa
2020Description of the last-instar larva of Zenithoptera lanei Santos, 1941 (Odonata: Libellulidae)Rippel, Camila G.; Neiss, Ulisses Gaspar; Palacio, Alejandro Del; Schröder, Noelia M.; Fleck, Günther; Hamada, Neusa; Marti, Dardo Andrea; Schweigmann, Nicolás Joaquín
2012The larva of Dicterias Selys, 1853 (Odonata: Heliocharitidae = Dicteriadidae), and taxonomic and phylogenetic notes on HeliocharitidaeFleck, Günther; Neiss, Ulisses Gaspar; Hamada, Neusa
2012The larva of the genus paracordulia martin, 1907 (Odonata: Corduliidae s.s.) and a generic key to the larvae of corduliidae s.l. occuring in South AmericaFleck, Günther; Neiss, Ulisses Gaspar
2012A new species of the genus Aeschnosoma selys, 1870 (Odonata: Anisoptera: Corduliidae s.s.)Fleck, Günther; Neiss, Ulisses Gaspar
2009A remarkable new genus and species of dragonfly (odonata: anisoptera: Libellulidae) from Brazil and notes on its bionomics and phylogenetic affinitiesFleck, Günther; Hamada, Neusa; Carvalho, Alcimar L.