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2013Effects of subchronic manganese chloride exposure on tambaqui (colossoma macropomum) tissues: Oxidative stress and antioxidant defensesGabriel, Diogo; Riffel, Ana Paula Konzen; Finamor, Isabela Andres; Saccol, Etiane Medianeira Hundertmarck; Ourique, Giovana M.; Goulart, Luis O.R.; Kochhann, Daiani; Cunha, Mauro Alves da; Garcia, Luciano; Pavanato, Maria Amália; Val, Adalberto Luis; Baldisserotto, Bernardo; Llesuy, Susana
2011Effects of Water pH and Hardness on Infection of Silver Catfish, Rhamdia quelen, Fingerlings by Ichthyophthirius multifiliisGarcia, Luciano; Becker, Alexssandro Geferson; Cunha, Mauro Alves da; Baldisserotto, Bernardo; Copatti, Carlos Eduardo; Kochhann, Daiani
2018High waterborne Mg does not attenuate the toxic effects of Fe, Mn, and Ba on Na+ regulation of Amazonian armored catfish tamoatá (Hoplosternum litoralle)Duarte, Rafael Mendonça; Benaduce, Ana Paula da Silva; Garcia, Luciano; Gomes, Levy de Carvalho; Gomes, Adriana Chippari; Val, Adalberto Luis; Baldisserotto, Bernardo
2011Interaction of Water Hardness and pH on Growth of Silver Catfish, Rhamdia quelen, JuvenilesCopatti, Carlos Eduardo; Garcia, Luciano; Cunha, Mauro Alves da; Baldisserotto, Bernardo; Kochhann, Daiani
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2011Low water hardness and pH affect growth and survival of silver catfish juvenilesCopatti, Carlos Eduardo; Garcia, Luciano; Kochhann, Daiani; Cunha, Mauro Alves da; Becker, Alexssandro Geferson; Baldisserotto, Bernardo
2011Oxidative stress parameters in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) juveniles infected with Ichthyophthirius multifiliis and maintained at different levels of water pHGarcia, Luciano; Becker, Alexssandro Geferson; Bertuzzi, T.; Cunha, Mauro Alves da; Kochhann, Daiani; Finamor, Isabela Andres; Riffel, Ana Paula Konzen; Llesuy, Susana; Pavanato, Maria Amália; Baldisserotto, Bernardo
2012Sodium fluxes in Tamoatá, Hoplosternum litoralle, exposed to formation water from Urucu Reserve (Amazon, Brazil)Baldisserotto, Bernardo; Garcia, Luciano; Benaduce, Ana Paula da Silva; Duarte, Rafael Mendonça; Nascimento, Thiago L.; Gomes, Levy de Carvalho; Chippari-Gomes, Adriana Regina; Val, Adalberto Luis