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1991Changes in soil pore-space distribution following deforestation and revegetation: An example from the Central Amazon Basin, BrazilChauvel, Armand; Grimaldi, Michel; Tessier, Daniel
1999Pasture damage by an Amazonian earthwormChauvel, Armand; Grimaldi, Michel; Barros, Eleusa; Blanchart, Éric; Desjardins, Thierry; Sarrazin, Max; Lavelle, Patrick M.
2004Soil physical degradation and changes in macrofaunal communities in Central AmazonBarros, Eleusa; Grimaldi, Michel; Sarrazin, Max; Chauvel, Armand; Mitja, Danielle; Desjardins, Thierry; Lavelle, Patrick M.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2015Tree Regeneration Under Different Land-Use Mosaics in the Brazilian Amazon’s “Arc of Deforestation”Vale, Igor do; Miranda, Izildinha Souza; Mitja, Danielle; Grimaldi, Michel; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Desjardins, Thierry; Costa, Luiz Gonzaga Silva