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2021Brazilian budget cuts further threaten gender equality in researchFontes, Eliana Maria Gouveia; Pires, Carmen Sílvia Soares; Halinski, Rosana; Viegas, Luisa Maria Diele; Shirai, Leila Teruko; Hipólito, Juliana
2021The Gender Gap in Brazilian Entomology: an Analysis of the Academic ScenarioFontes, Eliana Maria Gouveia; Quintela, Eliane Dias; Querino, Ranyse Barbosa; Pires, Carmen Sílvia Soares; Pini, Nivia da Silva Dias; Guidolin, Aline Sartori; Halinski, Rosana; Shirai, Leila Teruko; Hipólito, Juliana