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2003Agrobiodiversity in Amazonia and its relationships with dark earthsClement, Charles Roland; McCann, James M; Smith, Nigel J H
2004Amazonian Dark Earths as Carbon Stores and SinksSombroek, Wim; Ruivo, Maria De Lourdes; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Glaser, Bruno; Lehmann, Johannes
2012Analytical electron microscopy of black carbon and microaggregated mineral matter in Amazonian dark EarthChia, Cheehung; Munroe, Paul; Joseph, Stephen D.; Lin, Yun; Lehmann, Johannes; Muller, David A.; Xin, Huolin; Neves, Eduardo Goés
2011Anthropogenic soils in the Central Amazon: From categories to a continuumFraser, James A.; Teixeira, Wenceslau Geraldes; Falcão, Newton P.S.; Woods, William I.; Lehmann, Johannes; Junqueira, André Braga
2010Black carbon affects the cycling of non-black carbon in soilLiang, Biqing; Lehmann, Johannes; Sohi, Saran P.; Thies, Janice E.; O'Neill, Brendan E.; Trujillo, Lucerina; Gaunt, John L.; Solomon, Dawit; Grossman, Julie M.; Neves, Eduardo Goés; Luizão, Flávio Jesus
2006Black carbon increases cation exchange capacity in soilsLiang, Biqing; Lehmann, Johannes; Solomon, D.; Kinyangi, James M.; Grossman, Julie M.; O'Neill, Brendan E.; Skjemstad, Jan O.; Thies, Janice E.; Luizão, Flávio Jesus; Petersen, James B.; Neves, Eduardo Goés
2003Determining Nutrient Bioavailability of Amaznian Dark Earth Soil - Methodological ChallengesFalcao, Newton Paulo de Souza; Comerford, Nicholas B.; Lehmann, Johannes
TESE_INPA.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2009Dinâmica da matéria orgânica do solo em ecossistemas de floresta secundária sobre solos antrópicos e solos não-antrópicos (adjacentes) na amazônia centralTrujillo Cabrera, Lucerina
2009FERTILIDADE DO SOLO DE TERRA PRETA DE ÍNDIOFalcao, Newton Paulo de Souza; Moreira, Adonis; Comerford, Nicholas B.; Lehmann, Johannes
2009Historical ecology and Dark Earths in whitewater and blackwater landscapes: comparing the middle Madeira and lower Negro RiversFraser, James Angus; Cardoso, Thiago M.; Junqueira, André Braga; Falcao, Newton Paulo de Souza; Clement, Charles Roland
2006Inorganic and organic phosphorus pools in earthworm casts (Glossoscolecidae) and a Brazilian rainforest OxisolKuczak, Christienne N.; Fernandes, Erick C.M.; Lehmann, Johannes; Rondón, Marco A.; Luizão, Flávio Jesus
2009The maintenance of soil Fertility in Amazonian managed systemsLuizão, Flávio Jesus; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Cerri, Carlos Eduardo Pelegrino; Lehmann, Johannes
2013The Maintenance of Soil Fertility in Amazonian Managed SystemsLuizão, Flávio Jesus; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Cerri, Carlos Eduardo Pelegrino; Lehmann, Johannes
2005Near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy for mapping nano-scale distribution of organic carbon forms in soil: Application to black carbon particlesLehmann, Johannes; Liang, Biqing; Solomon, Dawit; Lerotic, Mirna; Luizão, Flávio Jesus; Kinyangi, James M.; Schäfer, Thorsten; Wirick, Sue; Jacobsen, Chris J.
2010Nitrogen aboveground turnover and soil stocks to 8 m depth in primary and selectively logged forest in southern AmazoniaFeldpausch, Ted R.; Couto, Eduardo Guimarães; Rodrigues, Luiz Carlos Mattos; Pauletto, Daniela; Johnson, Mark S.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Lehmann, Johannes; Riha, Susan J.
2005Nitrogen transfer between high- and low-quality leaves on a nutrient-poor Oxisol determined by 15N enrichmentSchwendener, Carol Melanie; Lehmann, Johannes; Camargo, Plínio Barbosa de; Luizâo, Regina Celi Costa; Fernandes, Erick C.M.
2009Pedology, fertility, and biology of Central Amazonian Dark EarthsFalcao, Newton Paulo de Souza; Clement, Charles Roland; Tsai, Siu Mui; Comerford, Nicholas B.
2001Phosphorus management for perennial crops in central Amazonian upland soilsLehmann, Johannes; Silva Cravo, Manoel da; Vasconselos de Macêdo, Jeferson Luiz; Moreira, Ado?nis Baldaia; Schroth, G?otz
2001Plant-soil interactions in multistrata agroforestry in the humid tropicsSchroth, G?otz; Lehmann, Johannes; Rodrigues, M. R.L.; Barros, Eleusa; Macêdo, Jeferson L.V.
2008Stability of biomass-derived black carbon in soilsLiang, Biqing; Lehmann, Johannes; Solomon, Dawit; Sohi, Saran P.; Thies, Janice E.; Skjemstad, Jan O.; Luizão, Flávio Jesus; Engelhard, Mark H.; Neves, Eduardo Goés; Wirick, Sue