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1996Genetic and morphological variation in Vanzolinius discodactylus: A test of the river hypothesis of speciationGascon, Claude; Lougheed, Stephen C.; Bogart, James P.
1998Patterns of genetic population differentiation in four species of Amazonian frogs: A test of the riverine barrier hypothesisGascon, Claude; Lougheed, Stephen C.; Bogart, James P.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg1999Ridges and rivers: A test of competing hypotheses of Amazonian diversification using a dart-poison frog (Epipedobates femoralis)Lougheed, Stephen C.; Gascon, Claude; Jones, D. A.; Bogart, James P.; Boag, Peter T.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2000Riverine barriers and the geographic distribution of Amazonian speciesGascon, Claude; Malcolm, Jay R.; Patton, James L.; Silva, Maria Nazareth Ferreira da; Bogart, James P.; Lougheed, Stephen C.; Peres, Carlos A.; Neckel, Selvino; Boag, Peter T.