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2021Comparison of spatial interpolation methods for annual and seasonal rainfall in two hotspots of biodiversity in South AmericaCerón, Wilmar Loaiza; Andreoli, Rita Valéria; Kayano, Mary Toshie; Canchala, Teresita; Carvajal, Yesid; Souza, Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira De
2020A principal component analysis approach to assess CHIRPS precipitation dataset for the study of climate variability of the La Plata Basin, Southern South AmericaCerón, Wilmar Loaiza; Molina-Carpio, Jorge; Rivera, Irma Ayes; Andreoli, Rita Valéria; Kayano, Mary Toshie; Canchala, Teresita
2021Recent intensification of extreme precipitation events in the La Plata Basin in Southern South America (1981–2018)Cerón, Wilmar Loaiza; Kayano, Mary Toshie; Andreoli, Rita Valéria; Avila-Diaz, Alvaro; Ayes, Irma; Freitas, Edmilson D.; Martins, Jorge Alberto; Souza, Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira de