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2015Highway Construction as a Force in the Destruction of the Amazon ForestFearnside, Philip Martin
2012How far can we go in simplifying biomonitoring assessments? An integrated analysis of taxonomic surrogacy, taxonomic sufficiency and numerical resolution in a megadiverse regionLandeiro, Victor Lemes; Bini, Luis Mauricio; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Franklin, E.; Nogueira, Anselmo; Souza, Jorge Luiz Pereira; Moraes, Jamile; Magnusson, William Ernest
2000How well does Brazil's environmental law work in practice? Environmental impact assessment and the case of the Itapiranga Private Sustainable Logging PlanEve, Evaldice; Arguelles, Francisco A.; Fearnside, Philip Martin
1996Political benefits as barriers to assessment of environmental costs in Brazil's Amazonian development planning: The example of the Jatapu Dam in RoraimaFearnside, Philip Martin; Barbosa, Reinaldo Imbrozio
2020Quantifying and addressing the prevalence and bias of study designs in the environmental and social sciencesChristie, Alec P.; Abecasis, David; Adjeroud, Mehdi; Alonso, Juan Carlos; Amano, Tatsuya; Anton, Alvaro; Baldigo, Barry Paul; Barrientos, Rafael; Bicknell, Jake E.; Buhl, Deborah A.; Cebrian, Just; Ceia, Ricardo Santos; Cibils-Martina, Luciana; Clarke, Sarah; Claudet, Joachim; Craig, Michael D.; Davoult, Dominique; de Backer, Annelies; Donovan, Mary K.; Eddy, Tyler D.; França, Filipe M.; Gardner, Jonathan; Harris, Bradley P.; Huusko, Ari; Jones, Ian L.; Kelaher, Brendan P.; Kotiaho, J. S.; López-Baucells, Adrià; Major, Heather L.; Mäki-Petäys, Aki; Martín, Beatriz; Martín, Carlos A.; Martin, Philip A.; Mateos-Molina, Daniel; McConnaughey, Robert A.; Meroni, Michele; Meyer, Christoph F.J.; Mills, Kade; Montefalcone, Monica; Noreika, Norbertas; Palacín, Carlos; Pande, Anjali; Pitcher, C. Roland; Ponce, Carlos; Rinella, Matthew James; Rocha, Ricardo; Ruiz-Delgado, María C.; Schmitter-Soto, Juan Jacobo; Shaffer, Jill A.; Sharma, Shailesh; Sher, Anna A.; Stagnol, Doriane; Stanley, Thomas R.; Stokesbury, Kevin D.E.; Torres, Aurora; Tully, Oliver; Vehanen, Teppo; Watts, Corinne H.; Zhao, Qingyuan; Sutherland, William J.
2017Removing the abyss between conservation science and policy decisions in BrazilAzevedo-Santos, Valter Monteiro de; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Oliveira, Caroline S.; Padial, André Andrian; Pelicice, Fernando Mayer; Lima-Junior, D. P.; Simberloff, Daniel S.; Lovejoy, Thomas E.; Magalhães, André Lincoln Barroso de; Orsi, M. L.; Agostinho, A. A.; Esteves, Franscisco de Assis; dos Santos Pompeu, Paulo; Laurance, William F.; Petrere, Miguel; Mormul, Roger Paulo; Simões Vitule, Jean Ricardo
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2016The role of Amazonian anthropogenic soils in shifting cultivation: Learning from farmers’ rationalesJunqueira, André Braga; Almekinders, Conny J.M.; Stomph, Tjeerd Jan; Clement, Charles Roland; Struik, Paul C.
2013Vegetation patterns in South America associated with rising CO2: Uncertainties related to sea surface temperaturesPereira, Marcos Paulo Santos; Costa, Marcos Heil; Malhado, Ana Cláudia Mendes
2014Viewpoint - Brazil's madeira river dams: A setback for environmental policy in amazonian developmentFearnside, Philip Martin
2013Viewpoint-decision making on amazon dams: Politics trumps uncertainty in the madeira river sediments controversyFearnside, Philip Martin
2018When predators become prey: Community-based monitoring of caiman and dolphin hunting for the catfish fishery and the broader implications on Amazonian human-natural systemsPimenta, Natalia Camps; Barnett, Adrian Ashton; Botero-Arias, Robinson; Marmontel, Míriam