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2009The role of size in synchronous air breathing of Hoplosternum littoraleSloman, Katherine A.; Sloman, Richard D.; Boeck, Gudrun de; Scott, Graham R.; Iftikar, Fathima I.; Wood, Chris M.; Val, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida e; Val, Adalberto Luis
2017Social hierarchy and resting metabolic rate in the dwarf cichlid Apistogramma agassizii: the role of habitat enrichmentKochhann, Daiani; Val, Adalberto Luis
2017Validation of a suite of biomarkers of fish health in the tropical bioindicator species, tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum)Sadauskas-Henrique, Helen; Duarte, Rafael Mendonça; Gagnon, Marthe Monique; Val, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida e