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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Morphological structures and vertical distribution in the soil indicate facultative plastron respiration in Cryptocellus adisi (Arachnida, Ricinulei) from Central AmazoniaAdis, Joachim U.; Messner, Benjamin; Platnick, Norman I.
2007A new Amazonian Cryptocellus westwood (arachnida, ricinulei)Tourinho, A. L.; Azevedo, Clarissa Salette de
2010A new species of ricinulei of the genus cryptocellus westwood (Arachnida) from northern BrazilTourinho, A. L.; Bonaldo, Alexandre Bragio; Lo-Man-Hung, N. F.
1989On the abundance and ecology of Ricinulei (Arachnida) from Central Amazonia, Brazil.Adis, Joachim; Platnick, Norman I.; Morais, José Wellington de; Rodrigues, José Maria Gomes
2010On the Cryptocellus peckorum and Cryptocellus adisi groups, and description of a new species of Cryptocellus from Brazil (Arachnida: Ricinulei)Tourinho, A. L.; Saturnino, Regiane