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1996New records of Histoplasma capsulatum from wild animals in the Brazilian amazonNaiff, Roberto Daibes; Barrett, Toby Vincent; Naiff, Maricleide de Farias; Ferreira, Luís Carlos de Lima; Arias, Jorge Ramon
2010Population dynamics of Akodon montensis (Rodentia, Cricetidae) in the Atlantic forest of Southern BrazilAntunes, Pâmela Castro; Campos, Marilena Altenfelder A.; Oliveira-Santos, Luiz Gustavo Rodrigues; Graipel, Maurício Eduardo
2000Population genetic structure of two ecologically distinct Amazonian spiny rats: Separating history and current ecologyMatocq, Marjorie D.; Patton, James L.; Silva, Maria Nazareth Ferreira da
2021Presence of trypanosomatids, with emphasis on Leishmania, in rodentia and didelphimorphia mammals of a rural settlement in the central amazon regionAchilles, Genevere Reis; Kautzmann, Rafael Pinto; Chagas, Haile Dean Figueiredo; Silva, Jordam William Pereira; Almeida, Jéssica Feijó; Fonseca, Fernanda Rodrigues; Silva, Maria Nazareth Ferreira da; Pessoa, F. A.C.; Nava, Alessandra Ferreira Dales; Ríos Velásquez, Cláudia María
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2018The role of Pleistocene climate change in the genetic variability, distribution and demography of Proechimys cuvieri and P. Guyannensis (Rodentia: Echimyidae) in northeastern AmazoniaSilva, Cláudia Regina; Ribas, Camila Cherem; Silva, Maria Nazareth Ferreira da; Leite, Rafael N.; Catzeflis, François M.; Rogers, Duke S.; Thoisy, Benoît de
2010Seed dispersal of the Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa) by scatter-hoarding rodents in a central amazonian forestHaugaasen, Joanne M.Tuck; Haugaasen, Torbjørn; Peres, Carlos A.; Gribel, Rogério; Wegge, Per
1996The simultaneous diversification of South American Echimyid rodents (Hystricognathi) based on complete cytochrome b sequencesLara, Márcia C.; Patton, James L.; Silva, Maria Nazareth Ferreira da
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2005Spatially explicit population dynamics in a declining population of the tropical rodent, Bolomys lasiurusGhizoni, Ivo Rohling; Layme, Viviane Maria Guedes; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Magnusson, William Ernest
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2013Trypanosoma (Megatrypanum) lainsoni n. sp. from Mesomys hispidus (Rodentia: Echimyidae) in BRA: Trypomastigotes described from experimentally infected laboratory miceNaiff, Roberto Daibes; Barrett, Toby Vincent
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2012Use of habitats by non-volant small mammals in Cerrado in Central BrazilSantos Filho, Manoel dos; Frieiro-Costa, Fernando Antônio; Ignácio, Áurea Regina Alves; Silva, Maria Nazareth Fda
1995Variation in growth and reproduction of Bolomys lasiurus (Rodentia: Muridae) in an Amazonian savannaLima Francisco, Angelo de; Magnusson, William Ernest; Sanaiotti, Tânia Margarete