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2017Regional distribution of large blowdown patches across Amazonia in 2005 caused by a single convective squall lineAraujo, Raquel Fernandes; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Celes, Carlos Henrique Souza; Chambers, Jeffrey Quintin
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2018Spatio-temporal monitoring of suspended sediments in the Solimões River (2000–2014)Espinoza-Villar, Raúl; Martinez, Jean Michel; Armijos, E.; Espinoza, J. C.; Filizola, Naziano Pantoja; dos Santos, Andre; Willems, Bram L.; Fraizy, Pascal; Santini, William; Vauchel, Philippe
2017Spectral analysis of amazon canopy phenology during the dry season using a tower hyperspectral camera and modis observationsMoura, Yhasmin Mendes; Galvão, L. S.; Hilker, Thomas; Wu, Jin; Saleska, Scott Reid; Amaral, Cibele Hummel do; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Lopes, Aline Pontes; Wiedeman, Kenia K.; Prohaska, Neill; Oliveira, Raimundo Cosme de; Machado, Carolyne Bueno; Aragao, L. E.O.C.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2014Tropical forest carbon balance: Effects of field- and satellite-based mortality regimes on the dynamics and the spatial structure of Central Amazon forest biomassDi Vittorio, Alan V.; Negrón-Juárez, Robinson I.; Higuchi, Niro; Chambers, Jeffrey Quintin