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2013Recovery of understory bird movement across the interface of primary and secondary Amazon rainforestPowell, Luke L.; Stouffer, Philip C.; Johnson, Erik I.
2007Recovery potential of understory bird communities in Amazonian rainforest fragmentsStouffer, Philip C.; Bierregaard, Richard O.
2005Regeneration and population structure of Heliconia acuminata in Amazonian secondary forests with contrasting land-use historiesBruna, Emilio M.; Ribeiro, Maria Beatriz Nogueira
2010Secondary forests on anthropogenic soils in Brazilian Amazonia conserve agrobiodiversityJunqueira, André Braga; Shepard, Glenn Harvey; Clement, Charles Roland
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2015Secondary vegetation in central Amazonia: Land-use history effects on aboveground biomassWandelli, Elisa Vieira; Fearnside, Philip Martin
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2012Seed size influence on germination responses to light and temperature of seven pioneer tree species from the Central AmazonAud, Fabiana F.; Ferraz, Isolde Dorothea Kossmann
1997Slow litter decomposition in a Cecropia-dominated secondary forest of Central AmazoniaMesquita, Rita de Cássia Guimarães; W Workman, Sarah; Neely, Constance L.
2018Soil fertility management in indigenous homegardens of Central Amazonia, BrazilSalim, Mateus Vieira da Cunha; Miller, Robert Pritchard; Ticona-Benavente, César Augusto; Leeuwen, Johannes Van; Alfaia, Sonia Sena
2019Soil nitrogen recovery and seasonal changes of xylem sap amino acids of Amazonian tree species following pasture abandonmentAraújo, Vanderlei Borboni Ferreira de; Justino, Gilberto Costa; Silva, Carlos Eduardo Moura da; Vera, Saul Alfredo Antezzana; Lins, Lays; Sodek, Ladaslav C.; Camargos, Liliane Santos de; Pereira, Luis Octávio Vieira; Gonçalves, José Francisco de Carvalho
2002Transpiration and canopy conductance of secondary vegetation in the eastern AmazonSommer, Rolf R.; Sá, Tatiana Deane de Abreu; Vielhauer, Konrad; Araüjo, Alessandro Carioca de; Fölster, Horst; Vlek, Paul L.G.
2013Tree seedling recruitment in Amazon secondary forest: Importance of topography and gap micro-site conditionsBentos, Tony Vizcarra; Nascimento, Henrique Eduardo Mendonça; Williamson, G. Bruce
2009Twenty years of understorey bird extinctions from Amazonian rain forest fragments: Consistent trends and landscape-mediated dynamicsStouffer, Philip C.; Strong, Cheryl M.; Naka, Luciano Nicol?s
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2012Uso de florestas secundárias por aves de sub-bosque em uma paisagem fragmentada na Amazônia centralSilva, João Vitor Campos E; Conceição, Beatriz Souza da; Anciães, Marina
2019The Vocal Repertoire of Golden-Faced Sakis, Pithecia chrysocephala, and the Relationship Between Context and Call StructureMuir, Jen; Barnett, Adrian Ashton; Svensson, Magdalena S.
2008Water-use efficiency of tree species following calcium and phosphorus application on an abandoned pasture, central Amazonia, BrazilSilva, Carlos Eduardo Moura da; Gonçalves, José Francisco de Carvalho; Feldpausch, Ted R.
2018What can mixed-species flock movement tell us about the value of Amazonian secondary forests? Insights from spatial behaviorMokross, Karl S.; Potts, Jonathan R.; Rutt, Cameron L.; Stouffer, Philip C.