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2002Forest regeneration on abandoned clearances in Central AmazoniaLucas, Richard; Honzák, Miroslav; Amaral, Iêda Leão do; Curran, Paul J.; Foody, Giles M.
2000Global warming and tropical land-use change: Greenhouse gas emissions from biomass burning, decomposition and soils in forest conversion, shifting cultivation and secondary vegetationFearnside, Philip Martin
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2016Greenhouse gas emissions from Brazil's Amazonian hydroelectric damsFearnside, Philip Martin
2014A growth and yield projection system for a tropical rainforest in the Central Amazon, BrazilNascimento, Rodrigo Geroni Mendes; Machado, Sebastião do Amaral; Figueiredo Filho, Afonso; Higuchi, Niro
2017Growth models based on tree-ring data for the Neotropical tree species Calophyllum brasiliense across different Brazilian wetlands: implications for conservation and managementRosa, Sejana Artiaga; Barbosa, Ana Carolina Maioli Campos; Junk, Wolfgang Johannes; Nunes da Cunha, C.; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez; Scabin, Andressa Bárbara; Ceccantini, Gregório Cardoso Tápias; Schöngart, Jochen
2012How far can we go in simplifying biomonitoring assessments? An integrated analysis of taxonomic surrogacy, taxonomic sufficiency and numerical resolution in a megadiverse regionLandeiro, Victor Lemes; Bini, Luis Mauricio; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Franklin, E.; Nogueira, Anselmo; Souza, Jorge Luiz Pereira; Moraes, Jamile; Magnusson, William Ernest
1997Human carrying capacity estimation in Brazilian Amazonia as a basis for sustainable developmentFearnside, Philip Martin
2020Hydrological processes interconnecting the two largest watersheds of South America from seasonal to intra-monthly time scales: A critical reviewZanin, Paulo Rodrigo; Satyamurty, Prakki
2009The influence of forest definition on landscape fragmentation assessment in Rondônia, BrazilColson, Filip; Bogaert, Jan; Carneiro Filho, Arnaldo; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Pinagé, Ekena Rangel; Ceulemans, Reinhart J.
Influence.pdf.jpg2020The influence of the atlantic multidecadal oscillation on the choco low-level jet and precipitation in colombiaCerón, Wilmar Loaiza; Andreoli, Rita Valéria; Kayano, Mary Toshie; Souza, Rodrigo Augusto Ferreira de; Jones, Charles; Carvalho, Leila M.V.
2013Intensification of the Amazon hydrological cycle over the last two decadesGloor, Manuel E.; Brienen, Roel J.W.; Galbraith, David R.; Feldpausch, Ted R.; Schöngart, Jochen; Guyot, J. L.; Espinoza, J. C.; Lloyd, Jon; Phillips, Oliver L.
2009International Perspective: Conservation Research in the Australian Wet TropicsLaurance, William F.
1999Leaf-fungal incidence and herbivory on tree seedlings in tropical rainforest fragments: An experimental studyBenítez-Malvido, Julieta; García-Guzmán, Graciela; Ferraz, Isolde Dorothea Kossmann
2009Lessons for Other Tropical Forest LandscapesStork, N. E.; Turton, Stephen M.; Laurance, William F.; Kikkawa, Jiro; McNeely, Jeffrey A.; Sayer, Jeffrey A.; Wright, Stuart Joseph
2019Long-term effect of selective logging on floristic composition: A 25 year experiment in the Brazilian AmazonGaui, Tatiana Dias; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Souza, Fernanda Coelho de; Amaral, Márcio Rogério Mota; Carvalho, Daniel Costa de; Reis, Francisco Quintiliano; Higuchi, Niro
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2014The management of tree genetic resources and the livelihoods of rural communities in the tropics: Non-timber forest products, smallholder agroforestry practices and tree commodity cropsDawson, Ian K.; Leakey, Roger R.B.; Clement, Charles Roland; Weber, John C.; Cornelius, Jonathan P.; Roshetko, James M.; Vinceti, Barbara; Kalinganire, Antoine; Tchoundjeu, Zacharie; Masters, Eliot T.; Jamnadass, H. R.
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2019Measures for sustainable forest management in the tropics – A tree-ring based case study on tree growth and forest dynamics in a Central Amazonian lowland moist forestWorbes, Martin; Schöngart, Jochen
2000Mega-development trends in the Amazon: Implications for global changeLaurance, William F.
2007Methane release below a tropical hydroelectric damKemenes, Alexandre; Forsberg, Bruce Rider; Melack, John M.
2009Methane stocks in tropical hydropower reservoirs as a potential energy sourceRamos, Fernando Manuel; Bambace, Luís Antonio Waack; Lima, Ivan Bergier Tavares; Rosa, Reinaldo Roberto; Mazzi, Edmar Antônio; Fearnside, Philip Martin