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2009The influence of epiphylls on remote sensing of humid forestsToomey, Michael P.; Roberts, Dar A.; Nelson, Bruce Walker
2010Influence of Post-Clearing Treatment on the Recovery of Herbaceous Plant Communities in Amazonian Secondary ForestsRibeiro, Maria Beatriz Nogueira; Bruna, Emilio M.; Mantovani, Waldir
2003Inland variability of carbon-nitrogen concentrations and δ13C in Amazon floodplain (várzea) vegetation and sedimentMartinelli, Luiz Antônio; Victória, Reynaldo Luiz; Camargo, Plínio Barbosa de; Piccolo, Marisa de Cássia; Mertes, Leal A.K.; Richey, Jeffrey E.; Devol, Allan H.; Forsberg, Bruce Rider
2017Late Holocene tectonic influence on hydrology and vegetation patterns in a northern Amazonian megafanRossetti, Dilce F.; Gribel, Rogério; Rennó, Camilo Daleles; Cohen, Marcelo Cancela Lisboa; Moulatlet, Gabriel M.; Cordeiro, Carlos Leandro de Oliveira; Rodrigues, Erika do Socorro Ferreira
2015A Matter of Scale: Historical and Environmental Factors Structure Anuran Assemblages from the Upper Madeira River, AmazoniaDias-Terceiro, Randolpho Gonçalves; Kaefer, Igor L.; Fraga, Rafael de; Araújo, Maria Carmozina de; Simões, Pedro Ivo; Lima, Albertina Pimental
2015Montane bias in lowland Amazonian peatlands: Plant assembly on heterogeneous landscapes and potential significance to palynological inferenceHouseholder, John Ethan; Wittmann, Florian Karl; Tobler, Mathias W.; Janovec, John P.
2017The movement of pre-adapted cool taxa in north-central Amazonia during the last glacialD'Apolito, Carlos; Absy, Maria Lúcia; Latrubesse, Edgardo Manuel
2011Net radiation estimation under pasture and forest in rondônia, Brazil, with TM landsat 5 imagesSantos, Carlos Antonio Costa dos; Nascimento, R. L. do; Rao, Tantravahi Venkata Ramana; Manzi, Antônio Ocimar
2019The role of abrupt climate change in the formation of an open vegetation enclave in northern Amazonia during the late QuaternaryZular, André; Sawakuchi, André Oliveira; Chiessi, Cristiano Mazur; D'Horta, Fernando Mendonça; Cruz, Francisco W.; Dematt?, José Alexandre Melo; Ribas, Camila Cherem; Hartmann, Gelvam A.; Giannini, Paulo César Fonseca; Soares, Emílio Alberto Amaral
2015Size-dependent response of tropical wetland fish communities to changes in vegetation cover and habitat connectivityFernandes, Izaias Médice; Penha, Jerry Magno Ferreira; Zuanon, Jansen