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2017Ecological and historical views of the diversification of Geositta miners (Aves: Furnariidae: Sclerurinae)Ribeiro, Vivian; Peterson, Andrew Townsend; Werneck, F. P.; Machado, Ricardo Bomfim
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2015Ecological relationships of meso-scale distribution in 25 neotropical vertebrate speciesMichalski, Lincoln José; Norris, Darren; Oliveira, Tadeu G. de; Michalski, F.
2007The effect of the sampling scale on zooplankton community assessment and its implications for the conservation of temporary ponds in south-west SpainFahd, Khalid; Florencio, Margarita; Keller, Claudia; Serrano, Laura
2004Effects of fire, food availability and vegetation on the distribution of the rodent Bolomys lasiurus in an Amazonian savannaLayme, Viviane Maria Guedes; Lima, Albertina Pimental; Magnusson, William Ernest
2003Experimental assessment of turtle predation on larval anuransGómez-Mestre, Iván; Keller, Claudia
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2006Fallen leaves on the water-bed: Diurnal camouflage of three night active fish species in an Amazonian streamletSazima, Ivan; Carvalho, Lucélia Nobre; Mendonça, Fernando Pereira; Zuanon, Jansen
1999Feeding ecology of the giant otter, Pteronura brasiliensisWeber Rosas, Fernando Cesar; Zuanon, Jansen; Carter, Sarah K.
2016The frog Lithodytes lineatus (Anura: Leptodactylidae) uses chemical recognition to live in colonies of leaf-cutting ants of the genus Atta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)Lima Barros, Andr� de; L�pez-Lozano, Jorge Luis; Lima, Albertina Pimental
1999Growth of Caiman latirostris inhabiting a coastal environment in BrazilMoulton, Timothy Peter; Magnusson, William Ernest; Melo, Maria Tereza Queiroz
2012Habitat patch and matrix effects on small-mammal persistence in Amazonian forest fragmentsSantos Filho, Manoel dos; Peres, Carlos A.; Silva, Dionei José da; Sanaiotti, Tânia Margarete
1999Home-range size of the bare-ear marmoset (Callithrix argentata) at Alter do Chao, Central Amazonia, BrazilAlbernaz, Ana Luísa Kerti Mangabeira; Magnusson, William Ernest
2018Honest error, precaution or alertness advertisement? Reactions to vertebrate pseudopredators in red-nosed cuxiús (Chiropotes albinasus), a high-canopy neotropical primateBarnett, Adrian Ashton; Oliveira, Tadeu G. de; Soares da Silva, Rafaela Fatima; Albuquerque Teixeira, Samara de; Todd, Lucy M.; Boyle, Sarah Ann
1998Hypoxia tolerance of Amazon fish respirometry and energy metabolism of the cichlid Astronotus OcellatusMuusze, Bie; Marcon, Jaydione Luíz; van den Thillart, Guido Eejm; Almeida-Val, Vera Maria Fonseca
2019Igapó seed patches: A potentially key resource for terrestrial vertebrates in a seasonally flooded forest of central AmazoniaAntunes, Ana Carolina; Baccaro, Fabricio Beggiato; Andrade, Victor Lery Caetano; Ramos, José Ferreira; Silva, Roberto Moreira da; Barnett, Adrian Ashton
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2009Intriguing evidence of translocations in Discus fish (Symphysodon, Cichlidae) and a report of the largest meiotic chromosomal chain observed in vertebratesGross, Maria Claudia; Feldberg, Eliana; Cella, Doralice Maria; Schneider, Marielle Cristina; Schneider, Carlos Henrique; Porto, Jorge Ivan Rebelo; Martins, Cesar Henrique Rossinoli
1991Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in 27 species of amazon fish: Adaptive and evolutive aspectsD'Avila Ferreira, Nadia Cristina; Val, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida e; Schwantes, Maria Luíza Barcellos
2002Largest of all electric-fish snouts: Hypermorphic facial growth in male Apteronotus hasemani and the identity of Apteronotus anas (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae)Fernandes, Cristina Cox; Lundberg, John G.; Riginos, Cynthia
2007Late Miocene continental sedimentation in southwestern Amazonia and its regional significance: Biotic and geological evidenceLatrubesse, Edgardo Manuel; Silva, Silane A.F. da; Cozzuol, Mário Alberto; Absy, Maria Lúcia
1990LDH isozymes in amazon Fish-I. Electrophoretic studies on two species from serrasalmidae family: Mylossoma duriventris and Colossoma macropomumVal, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida e; Schwantes, Maria Luíza Barcellos; Val, Adalberto Luis
1991LDH isozymes in amazon fish-II. Temperature and pH effects on LDH kinetic properties from Mylossoma duriventris and Colossoma macropomum (Serrasalmidae)Val, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida e; Schwantes, Maria Luíza Barcellos; Val, Adalberto Luis