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1984Biological aspects of amazonian fishes I. Red blood cell phosphates of schooling fishes (genus Semaprochilodus: prochilodontidae)Val, Adalberto Luis; Val, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida e; Schwantes, Arno Rudi; Schwantes, Maria Luíza Barcellos
1999Crude oil exposure affects air-breathing frequency, blood phosphate levels and ion regulation in an air-breathing teleost fish, Hoplosternum littoraleBrauner, Colin John; Ballantyne, C. L.; Vijayan, Mathilakath M.; Val, Adalberto Luis
1985Hemoglobin, hematology, intraerythrocytic phosphates and whole blood Bohr effect from lotic and lentic Hypostomus regani populations (São Paulo-Brasil)Val, Adalberto Luis; Schwantes, Arno Rudi; Val, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida e; Schwantes, Maria Luíza Barcellos
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2000Isohemoglobin differentiation in the bimodal-breathing Amazon catfish Hoplosternum littoraleWeber, Roy Edwin; Fago, Angela; Val, Adalberto Luis; Bang, Anny; van Hauwaert, Marie Louise; Dewilde, Sylvia; Zal, Franck; Moens, Luc J.
2007Metabolic and ionoregulatory responses of the Amazonian cichlid, Astronotus ocellatus, to severe hypoxiaRichards, Jeffrey G.; Wang, Yuxiang S.; Brauner, Colin John; Gonzalez, Richard J.; Patrick, Marjorie L.; Schulte, Patricia; Choppari-Gomes, A. R.; Val, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida e; Val, Adalberto Luis
2003Mitochondrial KATP channels and sarcoplasmic reticulum influence cardiac force development under anoxia in the Amazonian armored catfish Liposarcus pardalisMacCormack, Tyson James; Treberg, Jason R.; Val, Vera Maria Fonseca Almeida e; Val, Adalberto Luis; Driedzic, William Robert
1995Oxygen transfer in fish: morphological and molecular adjustments.Val, Adalberto Luis
1979Separation and characterization of the hemoglobin components of Pterygoplichthys pardalis, the acaribodoBRUNORI, Maurizio; Bonaventura, Joseph; Focesi, Aldo; Suazo Galdames, Iván Claudio; Wilson, Michael T.