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2011CO2 emissions from a tropical hydroelectric reservoir (Balbina, Brazil)Kemenes, Alexandre; Forsberg, Bruce Rider; Melack, John M.
2016Depth dependence of black carbon structure, elemental and microbiological composition in anthropic Amazonian dark soilPagano, Marcela Cláudia; Ribeiro-Soares, Jenaina; Cançado, Luiz Gustavo; Falcão, Newton P.S.; Gonçalves, Vívian N.; Rosa, Luiz Henrique; Takahashi, Jacqueline Aparecida; Achete, Carlos Alberto; Jório, Ado
2013Effects of dam-induced landscape fragmentation on amazonian ant-plant mutualistic networksEmer, Carine; Venticinque, Eduardo Martins; Fonseca, Carlos Roberto
2009Emergence of aquatic insects and spider abundance in the Balbina Reservoir (Presidente Figueiredo, mazonas, Brasil) during the phase of declining eutrophicationWalker, Ilse
2015First record of jaguar predation on giant otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)Ramalheira, Claudiane dos Santos; Bozzetti, Bruno F.; Cabral, M. M. M.; Weber Rosas, Fernando Cesar; Cruz, Andrews D. da; Palmeirim, Ana Filipa
2019Impact of climatic and hydrological disturbances on blackwater floodplain forests in Central AmazoniaNeves, Juliana Rocha Duarte; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez; Resende, Angélica Faria de; Feitosa, Yuri Oliveira; Schöngart, Jochen
2016Patterns of local extinction in an Amazonian archipelagic avifauna following 25 years of insularizationAurélio-Silva, Marco; Anciães, Marina; Henriques, Luiza Magalli Pinto; Benchimol, Maíra; Peres, Carlos A.
2019Response of black-water floodplain (igapó) forests to flood pulse regulation in a dammed Amazonian riverLobo, Guilherme de Sousa; Wittmann, Florian Karl; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez
2015Sleeping sites used by giant otters (pteronura brasiliensis) in the balbina hydroelectric reservoir, central Brazilian AmazonWeber Rosas, Fernando Cesar; Ramalheira, Claudiane dos Santos; Bozzetti, Bruno F.; Palmeirim, Ana Filipa; Cruz, Andrews D.; Pathek, Dinah Barbara; Cabral, M. M. M.
2019Thirty years after Balbina Dam: Diversity and floristic composition of the downstream floodplain forest, Central Amazon, BrazilRocha, Maíra da; Assis, Rafael Leandro de; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez; Feitosa, Yuri Oliveira; Householder, John Ethan; Lobo, Guilherme de Sousa; Demarchi, Layon Oreste; Albuquerque, Bianca Weiss; Quaresma, Adriano Costa; Ramos, José Ferreira; Schöngart, Jochen; Wittmann, Florian Karl
2017Tree mortality of a flood-adapted species in response of hydrographic changes caused by an Amazonian river damAssahira, Cyro; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez; Trumbore, Susan Elizabeth; Wittmann, Florian Karl; Cintra, Bruno Bar?ante Ladvocat; Batista, Eliane Silva; Resende, Angélica Faria de; Schöngart, Jochen
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2007The use of hydroelectric lakes by giant otters Pteronura brasiliensis: Balbina lake in central Amazonia, BrazilWeber Rosas, Fernando Cesar; Mattos, Gália Ely de; Cabral, M. M. M.
2013Wood decomposition in Amazonian hydropower reservoirs: An additional source of greenhouse gasesAbril, Gwénaël; Parize, Marcelo; Pérez, Marcela Andrea P.; Filizola, Naziano Pantoja