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20044) A survey of the fish fauna along the floodplain of the Amazon River in BrazilZuanon, Jansen Alfredo Sampaio; Claro Junior, Luiz Henrique; Mendonça, Fernando Pereira de; Ferreira, Efrem Jorge Gondim; PyDaniel, Lúcia Helena Rapp
2005Compositional Variation of Herbs in Riparian Gradients at Central AmazoniaDrucker, Debora Pignatari; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto
2021Contrasting patterns of phylogenetic turnover in amphibians and reptiles are driven by environment and geography in Neotropical savannasAzevedo, Josué A.R.; Antonelli, Alexandre; Faurby, Søren; Nogueira, Cristiano