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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Agricultural Management Of Caboclos Of The Xingu River: A Starting Point For Sustaining Populations In Degraded Areas In The Brazilian AmazonSilva-Foresberg, M C da; Fearnside, Philip Martin
1979O Agro-Ecossistema dos Colonos da Transamazonica: Simulacao de Producoes de MilhoFearnside, Philip Martin
1972An Estimate Of Carrying Capacity Of The Osa Penninsula For Human Populations Supported On A Shifting Cultivation TechnologyFearnside, Philip Martin
1980Black Pepper Yield Prediction For The Transamazon Highway of BrazilFearnside, Philip Martin
1985Burn quality prediction for simulation of the agricultural system of Brazil's Transamazon Highway colonists for estimating human carrying capacityFearnside, Philip Martin
1989Burn Quality Prediction For Simulation of The Agricultural System of Brazil'sTransamazon Highway ColonistsFearnside, Philip Martin
1981Condicoes Iniciais de Qualidade de Solo Na Transamazonica e A Sua Simulacao Em Modelos Para A Estimativa de Capacidade de Suporte HumanoFearnside, Philip Martin
1980The Effects of Cattle Pasture On Soil Fertility In The Brazilian Amazon: Consequences For Beef Production SustainabilityFearnside, Philip Martin
2001A espécie humana como componente do ecossistema global no Século XXIFearnside, Philip Martin
2003A espécie humana como componente do ecossistema global no século XXIFearnside, Philip Martin
1992A Estimativa da Capacidade de Suporte Humano Em Areas de FlorestaFearnside, Philip Martin
2001Homem e ambiente na AmazôniaFearnside, Philip Martin
1999Human carrying capacity estimation in Brazil's Amazonian settlements as a guide to development policyFearnside, Philip Martin
1986Human Carrying Capacity Of The Brazilian RainforestFearnside, Philip Martin
1984Initial Soil Quality Conditions on the Transamazon Highway of Brazil and Their Simulation in Models for Estimating Human Carrying CapacityFearnside, Philip Martin
1980Land Use Allocation Of The Transamazon Highway Colonists Of Brazil Andits Relation To Human Carrying CapacityFearnside, Philip Martin
1997Limiting factors for development of agriculture and ranching in Brazilian AmazoniaFearnside, Philip Martin
1993Migracao, Colonizacao e Meio-Ambiente: O Potencial dos Ecossistemas AmazonicosFearnside, Philip Martin
1986Um Modelo Estocastico Para A Estimativa da Capacidade de Suporte Em Parte da Area de Colonização da Rodovia TransamazônicaFearnside, Philip Martin
1999Phosphorus And Human Carrying Capacity In Brazilian AmazoniaFearnside, Philip Martin