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2019Alternative functional trajectories along succession after different land uses in central AmazoniaFernandes Neto, Jose G.; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Williamson, G. Bruce; Mesquita, Rita de Cássia Guimarães
2011Contrasting community compensatory trends in alternative successional pathways in central AmazoniaNorden, Natalia; Mesquita, Rita de Cássia Guimarães; Bentos, Tony Vizcarra; Chazdon, Robin L.; Williamson, G. Bruce
Deforestation.pdf.jpg2017Deforestation and Carbon Stock Loss in Brazil’s Amazonian SettlementsYanai, Aurora Miho; Nogueira, Euler Melo; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima Alencastro de; Fearnside, Philip Martin
1999The effects of clearcutting of Eucalyptus plantation on the water balance, water quality and soil and nutrient losses in a small catchmentVital, Ana Rosa Tundis; Lima, Walter de Paula; Camargo, Fausto Rodrigues Alves de
2010Effects of Reduced-Impact Logging on Fish Assemblages in Central Amazonia: Contributed PaperDias, Murilo Sversut; Magnusson, William Ernest; Zuanon, Jansen
2011Fire favours expansion of bamboo-dominated forests in the south-west AmazonSmith, Maira; Nelson, Bruce Walker
2008Tree height in Brazil's 'arc of deforestation': Shorter trees in south and southwest Amazonia imply lower biomassNogueira, Euler Melo; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Fearnside, Philip Martin; França, Mabiane Batista; Oliveira, Átila Cristina Alves de