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2006Effect of Pontoscolex corethrurus Muller, 1857 (Oligochaeta: Glossoscolecidae) inoculation on litter weight loss and soil nitrogen in Mesocosms in the Peruvian AmazonTapia-Coral, Sandra C.; Luizão, Flávio Jesus; Barros, Eleusa; Pashanasi, Beto; Del Castillo Torres, Dennis
1999Pasture damage by an Amazonian earthwormChauvel, Armand; Grimaldi, Michel; Barros, Eleusa; Blanchart, Éric; Desjardins, Thierry; Sarrazin, Max; Lavelle, Patrick M.
2001The role of macrofauna in the transformation and reversibility of soil structure of an oxisol in the process of forest to pasture conversionBarros, Eleusa; Curmi, Pierre; Hallaire, Vincent; Chauvel, Armand; Lavelle, Patrick M.
2004Soil macrofaunal communities in permanent pastures derived from tropical forest or savannaDecaëns, Thibaud; Jiménez, Juan José; Barros, Eleusa; Chauvel, Armand; Blanchart, Éric; Fragoso, Carlos E.; Lavelle, Patrick M.