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2015An ethnobotanical study of anti-malarial plants among indigenous people on the upper Negro River in the Brazilian AmazonFrausin, Gina; Hidalgo, Ari de Freitas; Lima, Renata Braga Souza; Kinupp, Valdely Ferreira; Ming, Linchau; Pohlit, Adrian Martin; Milliken, William
2017Genetic analysis of mitochondrial DNA control region variations in four tribes of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PakistanBhatti, Shahzad; Aslam Khan, Muhammad; Abbas, Sana; Attimonelli, Marcella; Aydin, Hikmet Hakan; Souza, Érica Martinha Silva de
2002Three days for weeping: Dreams, emotions, and death in the Peruvian amazonShepard, Glenn Harvey