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1993Influence of different cropping systems on the density of terrestrial invertebrates in varzea soils of central AmazoniaOliveira, E. P. de
2005Iron bioavailability of the açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) and the iron-fortified manioc flour in ratsToaiari, Sirlene Duarte Alves; Yuyama, Lucia Kiyoko Ozaki; Aguiar, Jaime Paiva Lopes; Souza, Risonilce Fernandes Silva
Modeling.pdf.jpg2015Modeling potential impacts of planting palms or tree in small holder fruit plantations on ecohydrological processes in the central AmazonKunert, Norbert; Aparecido, Luiza Maria Teóphilo; Barros, Priscila; Higuchi, Niro
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2010Physiological and biochemical characterization of the assai palm (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) during seed germination and seedling growth under aerobic and anaerobic conditionsGonçalves, José Francisco de Carvalho; Lima, Renata Braga Souza; Fernandes, Andréia Varmes; e Borges, Eduardo Euclydes de Limae E.; Buckeridge, Marcos Silveira
2016Too rare for non-timber resource harvest? Meso-scale composition and distribution of arborescent palms in an Amazonian sustainable-use forestNorris, Darren; Chuma, Victor Juan Ulises Rodriguez; Arévalo-Sandi, Alexander Roldán; Landazuri Paredes, Omar Stalin; Peres, Carlos A.