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2008Forecasting the flood-pulse of Amazonian rivers by oceanographic dataSchongart, Jochen
2000Growth rhythm and phenology of some common whitewater tree species of the floodplain forestsSchongart, Jochen
2022Impacts of meander migration on the Amazon riverine communities using Landsat time series and cloud computingBonnet, Marie Paule; Faria, Cláudio Clemente Barbosa; Silva, João Vitor Campos; Martins, Vitor Souza; Novo, Evlyn Márcia Leão de Moraes; Nagel, Gustavo Willy
2002Nutrient availability and transport along the aquatic/terrestrial transition zone (ATTZ) of the várzea (ENV 29)Kern, J.; Kreibich, H; Darwich, Assad José; Furch, K; Lehmann, J
2005Previsão do Pulso de Inundação na Amazônia por Meio de Índices de ?El Niño? - ENSOSchongart, Jochen
2002Teleconnection of forest growth in the Amazonian floodplains and El NiñoWorbes, Martin; Schongart, Jochen