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2009Biomass burning in Brazil's Amazonian "arc of deforestation": Burning efficiency and charcoal formation in a fire after mechanized clearing at Feliz Natal, Mato GrossoRighi, Ciro Abbud; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima Alencastro de; Cerri, Carlos C.; Feigl, Brigitte Josefine; Fearnside, Philip Martin
1991Consequences of clearing and tillage on the soil of a natural Amazonian ecosystemDa, Paulo F.; Cerri, Carlos C.; Volkoff, Boris; Andreux, Francis G.; Chauvel, Armand
1993Deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia: The effect of population and land tenureFearnside, Philip Martin
2005Legacy of fire slows carbon accumulation in Amazonian forest regrowthZarin, Daniel Jacob; Davidson, Eric Aa; Brondízio, Eduardo Sonnewend; Guimarães Vieira, Ima Cèlia; Sá, Tatiana Deane de Abreu; Feldpausch, Ted R.; Schuur, Edward A.G.; Mesquita, Rita de Cássia Guimarães; Morán, Emilio Federico; Delamônica, Patricia; Ducey, Mark J.; Hurtt, George C.; Salimon, Cleber Ibraim; Denich, Manfred
1999Predicting effects of habitat destruction on plant communities: A test of a model using Amazonian treesLaurance, William F.; Gascon, Claude; Rankin-de Mérona, Judy M.
1990The Rate and Extent of Deforestation in Brazilian AmazoniaFearnside, Philip Martin
1999A tropical rainforest clearing experiment by biomass burning in the state of Para, BrazilAraújo, Thaís Maia; Carvalho, João Andrade de; Higuchi, Niro; Brasil Junior, Antonio C.P.; Mesquita, André Luis Amarante