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2010Alternative spatial sampling in studies of plant demography: Consequences for estimates of population growth rateFiske, Ian J.; Bruna, Emilio M.
2003Are plant populations in fragmented habitats recruitment limited? Tests with an Amazonian herbBruna, Emilio M.
2005Associations of edaphic characteristics with the distribution of three Heliconia acuminata morphs in central Amazonia.Arruda, R; Pimentel, T; Lima, A P; Magnusson, William Ernest
2001Biologia floral, fenologia e polinizacão de Heliconia L. do Campus do INPA-Aleixo IRezende, Raquel Alencar; Gribel, Rogério; Amaral, Iêda Leão do; L., Queiróz, A.
2005The compensatory responses of an understory herb to experimental damage are habitat-dependentBruna, Emilio M.; Ribeiro, Maria Beatriz Nogueira
2011Disentangling the drivers of reduced long-distance seed dispersal by birds in an experimentally fragmented landscapeUríarte, Ma?ia; Anciães, Marina; Silva, Mariana T.B. da; Rubim, Paulo; Johnson, Erik I.; Bruna, Emilio M.
2002Experimental assessment of Heliconia acuminata growth in a fragmented Amazonian landscapeBruna, Emilio M.; Nardy, Olavo; Strauss, Sharon Y.; Harrison, Susan P.
2002Habitat fragmentation and the demographic structure of an Amazonian understory herb (Heliconia acuminata)Bruna, Emilio M.; Kress, W. John
2005Regeneration and population structure of Heliconia acuminata in Amazonian secondary forests with contrasting land-use historiesBruna, Emilio M.; Ribeiro, Maria Beatriz Nogueira