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artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2017Convergence in relationships between leaf traits, spectra and age across diverse canopy environments and two contrasting tropical forestsWu, Jin; Chavana-Bryant, Cecilia; Prohaska, Neill; Serbin, Shawn P.; Guan, Kaiyu; Albert, Loren P.; Yang, Xi; Van Leeuwen, Willem Jan Dirk; Garnello, Anthony John; Martins, Giordane Augusto; Malhi, Yadvinder Singh; Gerard, France F.; Oliviera, Raimundo Cosme; Saleska, Scott Reid
2008Importance of soils, topography and geographic distance in structuring central Amazonian tree communitiesBohlman, A. Stephanie; Laurance, William F.; Laurance, Susan G.W.; Nascimento, Henrique Eduardo Mendonça; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Andrade, Ana C.S.