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2019A 30-year study of the effects of selective logging on a stem-less palm (Astrocaryum sociale) in a central-Amazon forestHigashikawa, Emilío Manabu; Brasil, Maria Marcela Ortiz; Magnusson, William Ernest
2012A classification of major natural habitats of Amazonian white-water river floodplains (várzeas)Junk, Wolfgang Johannes; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez; Schöngart, Jochen; Wittmann, Florian Karl
2011A classification of major naturally-occurring amazonian lowland wetlandsJunk, Wolfgang Johannes; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez; Schöngart, Jochen; Cohn-Haft, Mario; Adeney, J. Marion; Wittmann, Florian Karl
2011The fate of Amazonian forest fragments: A 32-year investigationLaurance, William F.; Camargo, José Luís Campana; Luizâo, Regina Celi Costa; Laurance, Susan G.W.; Pimm, Stuart; Bruna, Emilio M.; Stouffer, Philip C.; Williamson, G. Bruce; Benítez-Malvido, Julieta; Vasconcelos, Heraldo L.; Van Houtan, Kyle; Zartman, Charles Eugene; Boyle, Sarah Ann; Didham, Raphael K.; Andrade, Ana C.S.; Lovejoy, Thomas E.
2019Historical landscape domestication in ancestral forests with nutrient-poor soils in northwestern AmazoniaFranco-Moraes, Juliano; Baniwa, Armindo F.M.B.; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Lima, Helena Pinto; Clement, Charles Roland; Shepard, Glenn Harvey
2014Impact of Community Forest Management on Biomass Carbon Stocks in the Uatumã Sustainable Development Reserve, Amazonas, BrazilVianna, André Luiz Menezes; Fearnside, Philip Martin
2012Leaf and Soil Nutrients in a Chronosequence of Second-Growth Forest in Central Amazonia: Implications for Restoration of Abandoned LandsGomes, Ana Carla Serra; Luizão, Flávio Jesus
2016Swiddens under transition: Consequences of agricultural intensification in the AmazonJakovac, Catarina Conte; Pena-Claros, Marielos; Mesquita, Rita de Cássia Guimarães; Bongers, Frans; Kuyper, Thomas W.