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2013Amazonian forest loss and the long reach of China's influenceFearnside, Philip Martin; Figueiredo, Adriano Marcos Rodrigues; Bonjour, Sandra C M
2010Between a Pristine Myth and an Impoverished FutureClement, Charles Roland; Junqueira, André Braga
2009Deforestation and conservation in major watersheds of the Brazilian AmazonTrancoso, Ralph; Carneiro Filho, Arnaldo; Tomasella, J.; Schietti, Juliana; Forsberg, Bruce Rider; Miller, Robert Pritchard
1993Forests or fields?. A response to the theory that tropical forest conservation poses a threat to the poorFearnside, Philip Martin
2010Long-term ecological research in Australia: Innovative approaches for future benefitsHero, Jean Marc; Castley, J. Guy; Malone, Mikalah; Lawson, Ben E.; Magnusson, William Ernest
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2014The management of tree genetic resources and the livelihoods of rural communities in the tropics: Non-timber forest products, smallholder agroforestry practices and tree commodity cropsDawson, Ian K.; Leakey, Roger R.B.; Clement, Charles Roland; Weber, John C.; Cornelius, Jonathan P.; Roshetko, James M.; Vinceti, Barbara; Kalinganire, Antoine; Tchoundjeu, Zacharie; Masters, Eliot T.; Jamnadass, H. R.
2018Vulnerability of turtles to deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Indicating priority areas for conservationFagundes, Camila Kurzmann; Vogt, Richard Carl; Souza, Rodrigo Antônio de; Marco Júnior, Paulo de
2018When predators become prey: Community-based monitoring of caiman and dolphin hunting for the catfish fishery and the broader implications on Amazonian human-natural systemsPimenta, Natalia Camps; Barnett, Adrian Ashton; Botero-Arias, Robinson; Marmontel, Míriam