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Data do documentoTítuloAutor(es)
1989A comparison of Sizes of Caiman in Hunted and Non-hunted areas in the Brazilian PantanalRenato Cintra
2011Age-related and stand-wise estimates of carbon stocks and sequestration in the aboveground coarse wood biomass of wetland forests in the northern Pantanal, BrazilJochen Schongart; Julia Arieira Couto; Caroline Félfili Fortes; Érica Cezarine de Arruda; Nunes da Cunha, Cátia
1990Black-eared Fairy (Heliothryx aurita, Trochilidae) using a gliding flight like falling leaves when leaving nestRenato Cintra
1988Bufo marinus (Marine Toad) – PredationCarlos Yamashita; Renato Cintra
1996Diets Of Caiman Crocodilus Yacare From Different Habitats In The Brazilian Pantanal.S. A. Santos; M. S. Nogueira; M. S. Pinheiro; Z. CAMPOS; William Ernest Magnusson; G. M. Mourao
2001Feeding Ecology of Black Caiman Melanosuchus niger in a western Amazonian forest:The effects of ontogeny and seasonality on diet compositionPaulo Sérgio Oliveira; Ari Oliveira Filho; Renato Cintra
2005Fire effects on the composition of a bird community in an Amazonian Savanna (Brazil)Renato Cintra
2014Influences of forest structure and landscape features on spatial variation in species composition in a palm community in central AmazoniaJ E C Figueira; L R Viana; C Yamashita; Renato Cintra
1989Notes on the nesting ecology of Platemys macrocephala in the Brazilian PantanalRenato Cintra
2012Spatial Variation in Bird Community Composition in Relation to Topographic Gradient and Forest Heterogeneity in a Central Amazonian RainforestCarlos Yamashita; Renato Cintra
2008The heterogeneity of amazonian treefall gaps and bird community compositionRenato Cintra