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2011Effects of selective logging on the mating system and pollen dispersal of Hymenaea courbaril L. (Leguminosae) in the Eastern Brazilian Amazon as revealed by microsatellite analysisCarneiro, Francimary da Silva; Lacerda, André Eduardo Biscaia de; Lemes, Maristerra R.; Gribel, Rogério; Kanashiro, Milton; Wadt, Lúcia Helena de Oliveira; Magno Sebbenn, Alexandre
2020Litter and soil biogeochemical parameters as indicators of sustainable logging in Central AmazoniaBomfim, Barbara; Silva, Lucas de Carvalho Ramos; Pereira, Reginaldo Sérgio; Gatto, Alcides; Emmert, Fabiano; Higuchi, Niro
2017Natural regeneration of trees in selectively logged forest in western AmazoniaCarvalho, Anelena Lima de; D'Oliveira, Marcus Vinício Neves; Putz, Francis E.; Oliveira, Luís Cláudio de
2020Stem decay in live trees: Heartwood hollows and termites in five timber species in eastern AmazoniaEleuterio, Ana Alice; Jesus, Maria Aparecida de; Putz, Francis E.