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Desenvolvimento.pdf.jpg2008Development of polymeric composites with natural fibers: A contribution to the sustainability of AmazonMarinelli, Alessandra L.; Monteiro, Marcos Roberto; Ambrósio, José Donato; Branciforti, Márcia Cristina; Kobayashi, Márcio; Nobre, Antônio Donato
artigo-inpa.pdf.jpg2005Optimal sampling strategy for estimation of spatial genetic structure in tree populationsCavers, Stephen; Degen, Bernd; Caron, Henri; Lemes, Maristerra R.; Margis, Rogério; Salgueiro, Fabiano; Lowe, Andrew J.
2016Pitheciid research comes of age: Past puzzles, current progress, and future prioritiesBarnett, Adrian Ashton; Boyle, Sarah Ann; Thompson, Cynthia L.
2004Status of knowledge, ongoing research, and research needs in Amazonian wetlandsJunk, Wolfgang Johannes; Piedade, Maria Teresa Fernandez
2008Theory meets reality: How habitat fragmentation research has transcended island biogeographic theoryLaurance, William F.