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2019Effects of environmental pollution on the rDNAomics of Amazonian fishSilva, Francijara Araújo da; Feldberg, Eliana; Carvalho, Natália Dayane Moura; Hernández-Rangel, Sandra Marcela; Schneider, Carlos Henrique; Carvalho-zilse, Gislene Almeida; Silva, Victor Fonseca da; Gross, Maria Claudia
2015When You Get What You Haven't Paid for: Molecular Identification of "douradinha" Fish Fillets Can Help End the Illegal Use of River Dolphins as Bait in BrazilCunha, Haydée A.; Silva, Vera Maria Ferreira da; Santos, Teresa E.C.; Moreira, Stella M.; Carmo, Nívia A.S. do; Solé-Cava, António Mateo