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2019A 30-year study of the effects of selective logging on a stem-less palm (Astrocaryum sociale) in a central-Amazon forestHigashikawa, Emilío Manabu; Brasil, Maria Marcela Ortiz; Magnusson, William Ernest
2009Dynamics of carbon, biomass, and structure in two Amazonian forestsPyle, Elizabeth Hammond; Santoni, Gregory W.; Nascimento, Henrique Eduardo Mendonça; Hutyra, Lucy R.; Vieira, Simone Aparecida; Curran, Daniel J.; van Haren, Joost L.M.; Saleska, Scott Reid; Chow, Victoria Y.; Carmago, Plinio B.; Laurance, William F.; Wofsy, Steven C.
2017Effects of lightgaps and topography on Amazon secondary forest: Changes in species richness and community compositionBentos, Tony Vizcarra; Nascimento, Henrique Eduardo Mendonça; Vizcarra, Marisângela dos Anjos; Williamson, G. Bruce
2010Impact of Ontogenetic Changes in Branchial Morphology on Gill Function in Arapaima gigasGonzalez, Richard J.; Brauner, Colin John; Wang, Yuxiang; Richards, Jeffrey G.; Patrick, Marjorie L.; Xi, W.; Matey, Victoria E.; Val, Adalberto Luis
2011Liana Abundance Patterns: The Role of Ecological Filters during DevelopmentNogueira, Anselmo; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Castilho, Carolina Volkmer
2010Maximum size of dwarf caiman, Paleosuchus palpebrosus (Cuvier, 1807), in the Amazon and habitats surrounding the Pantanal, BrazilCampos, Zilca M.S.; Sanaiotti, Tânia Margarete; Magnusson, William Ernest
2012Phylogenetic community structure during succession: Evidence from three Neotropical forest sitesLetcher, Susan G.; Chazdon, Robin L.; Andrade, Ana C.S.; Bongers, Frans; Van Breugel, Michiel; Finegan, Bryan; Laurance, Susan G.W.; Mesquita, Rita de Cássia Guimarães; Martínez-Ramos, Miguel; Williamson, G. Bruce
2007Relationships among nitrogen and total phosphorus, algal biomass and zooplankton density in the central Amazonia lakesTrevisan, Giselle Vanessa; Forsberg, Bruce Rider
2017A revised hydrological model for the Central Amazon: The importance of emergent canopy trees in the forest water budgetKunert, Norbert; Aparecido, Luiza Maria Teóphilo; Wolff, Stefan; Higuchi, Niro; Santos, Joaquim dos; Araüjo, Alessandro Carioca de; Trumbore, Susan Elizabeth