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1985Habitat selection, parasites and injuries in Amazonian crocodilians.Magnusson, William Ernest
1985Eusiderins and other neolignans from an Aniba speciesDias, Silvia M. C.; Fernandes, João Batista; Maia, José Guilherme Soares; Gottlieb, Otto Richard; Gottlieb, Hugo Emilio
1985On the population dynamics and ecology of the shrimp species (Crustacea, Decapoda, Natantia) in the Central Amazonian river Tarumã-MirimWalker, Ilse; Ferreira, M. J N
1985On the structure and ecology of the micro-fauna in the Central Amazonian forest stream 'Igarapé da Cachoeira'Walker, Ilse
1985A parasitic copepod, Perulernaea gamitanae gen. et sp.nov. ( Cyclopoida: Lernaeidae), from the nasal fossae of a Peruvian Amazon food fish.Thatcher, Vernon E.; Paredes, V.
1984Mycoflora of the human dermal surfacesMok, Waiyin; Silva, M. S.B. da
1984The Effect Of Income And Length Of Urban Residence On Food Patterns, Food Intake And Nutrient Adequacy In An Amazonian Peri-Urban Slum PopulationMello Amorozo, Maria Christina de; Shrimpton, Roger
1984The volterra competition equations with resource - Independent growth coefficients and discussion on their biological and biophysical implicationsWalker, Ilse
1985Storage and remobilization of suspended sediment in the lower amazon river of BrazilMeade, Robert H.; Dunne, Thomas; Richey, Jeffrey E.; Santos, Umberto dos M.; Salati, Eneas
1984Nutrient addition experiments in Lago Jacaretinga, Central Amazon, Brazil: 2. The effect of humic and fulvic acidsDevol, Allan H.; Santos, Antonio dos; Forsberg, Bruce Rider; Zaret, Thomas M.