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2014Fourteen new generic and ten new specific synonymies in pholcidae (araneae), and transfer of mystes bristowe to filistatidaeHuber, Bernhard A.; Colmenares, Pío A.; Ramírez, Martín Javier
2014Taxonomic revision of Neodiogmites Carrera, 1949 (Diptera, Asilidae) and description of two new speciesAlvim, Edgar; Ale-Rocha, Rosaly; Bravo, Freddy
2014A new Amazonian species of Cryptocellus (Arachnida, Ricinulei), with descriptions of its integumental structures and all free-living life stagesTourinho, A. L.; Lo-Man-Hung, N. F.; Salvatierra, Lidianne
2014Reconsidering the taxonomy of the black-faced uacaris, Cacajaomelanocephalus group (mammalia: pitheciidae), from the northern Amazon BasinFerrarim, Stephen F.; Guedes, Patrícia G.; Figueiredo-Ready, Wilsea M B; Barnett, Adrian Ashton
2014Two new species of Apobaetis Day, 1955 (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) from BrazilCruz, Paulo Vilela; De-Souza, Márcia Regina
2013A new apterous species of Platypalpus Macquart (Diptera: Hybotidae, Tachydromiinae) from EcuadorFreitas-Silva, Rafael A.P.; Ale-Rocha, Rosaly
2017Revision of the Hybobathus arx and Pelecinobaccha summa species groups (Diptera: Syrphidae)Miranda, Gil Felipe Gonçalves
2017Revision of the Remaneicaris Argentina-group (Copepoda, Harpacticoida, Parastenocarididae): Supplementary description of species, and description of the first semi-terrestrial Remaneicaris from the tropical forest of Southeast MexicoCorgosinho, Paulo Henrique Costa; Mercado-Salas, Nancy Fabiola; Martinez Arbizu, Pedro; Santos-Silva, Edinaldo Nelson; Kihara, Terue Cristina
2017Ctenodontina enderlein, 1914 (Diptera, Asilidae, Asilinae): New combinations, synonyms, new species and new records for ArgentinaVieira, Rodrigo; Landa, José Manuel Ayala; Rafael, José Albertino
2016The mutillid wasps of the Dasymutilla paradoxa species-group (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae)Luz, David Richard; Williams, Kevin Andrew; Bartholomay, Pedro R.