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2008Agriculture: Sustainable biofuels reduxRobertson, Philip Philip; Dale, Virginia H.; Doering, Otto C.Ill; Hamburg, Steven P.; Melillo, Jerry M.; Wander, Michelle M.; Parton, William J.; Adler, Paul R.; Barney, Jacob N.; Cruse, Richard M.; Duke, Clifford S.; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Follett, Ronald F.; Gibbs, Holly K.; Goldemberg, José; Mladenoff, David J.; Ojima, Dennis S.; Palmer, Michael W.; Sharpley, Andrew N.; Wallace, Linda L.; Weathers, Kathleen C.; Wiens, John A.; Wilhelm, Wallace W.
2007A synopsis of land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) under the Kyoto Protocol and Marrakech AccordsSchlamadinger, Bernhard; Bird, Neil D.; Johns, Tracy; Brown, Sandra L.; Canadell, Josep G.; Ciccarese, Lorenzo; Dutschke, Michael; Fiedler, J.; Fischlin, Andreas; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Forner, Claudio; Freibauer, Annette; Frumhoff, Peter C.; Hoehne, N.; Kirschbaum, Miko Uwe Franz; Labat, A.; Marland, Gregg H.; Michaelowa, Axel; Montanarella, Luca; Moutinho, Paulo; Murdiyarso, Daniel; Peña, Naomi; Pingoud, Kim; Rakonczay, Zoltán; Rametsteiner, Ewald; Rock, Joachim; Sanz-Sanchez, Maria José; Schneider, Uwe A.; Shvidenko, Anatoly Z.; Skutsch, Margaret; Smith, Pete; Somogyi, Zoltán; Trines, Eveline P.; Ward, Murray; Yamagata, Yoshiki
2006Volume and biomass of trees in central Amazonia: influence of irregularly shaped and hollow trunksNogueira, Euler Melo; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Fearnside, Philip Martin
2005Do hydroelectric dams mitigate global warming? The case of Brazil's Curuá-Una DamFearnside, Philip Martin
2006Rain forest fragmentation and the proliferation of successional treesLaurance, William F.; Nascimento, Henrique Eduardo Mendonça; Laurance, Susan G.W.; Andrade, Ana C.S.; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Ribeiro, José Eduardo L.S.; Capretz, Robson Louiz
2008Deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia and global warmingFearnside, Philip Martin
2008Will urbanization cause deforested areas to be abandoned in Brazilian Amazonia?Fearnside, Philip Martin
2009The maintenance of soil Fertility in Amazonian managed systemsLuizão, Flávio Jesus; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Cerri, Carlos Eduardo Pelegrino; Lehmann, Johannes
2008Normalization of wood density in biomass estimates of Amazon forestsNogueira, Euler Melo; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Nelson, Bruce Walker
2008On the value of temporary carbon: A comment on KirschbaumFearnside, Philip Martin