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2014Improved allometric models to estimate the aboveground biomass of tropical treesChave, Jérôme; Réjou-Méchain, Maxime; Búrquez, Alberto; Chidumayo, Emmanuel Ngulube; Colgan, Matthew S.; Delitti, Welington Bráz Carvalho; Duque M, Alvaro J.; Eid, Tron Haakon; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Goodman, Rosa C.; Henry, Matieu; Martínez Yrízar, Angelina; Mugasha, Wilson Ancelm; Muller-Landau, Helene C.; Mencuccini, Maurizio; Nelson, Bruce Walker; Ngomanda, Alfred; Nogueira, Euler Melo; Ortíz-Malavassi, Edgar; Pélissier, Raphaël; Ploton, Pierre; Ryan, Casey M.; Saldarriaga, Juan Guillermo; Vieilledent, Ghislain
2013Land-use Change Modeling in a Brazilian Indigenous Reserve: Construction of a Reference Scenario for the Suruí REDD ProjectVitel, Claudia Suzanne Marie Nathalie; Cardoso, Carrero, Gabriel; Cenamo, Mariano Colini; Leroy, Maya; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima Alencastro de; Fearnside, Philip Martin
2014Long-term changes in liana abundance and forest dynamics in undisturbed Amazonian forestsLaurance, William F.; Andrade, Ana C.S.; Magrach, Ainhoa; Camargo, José Luís Campana; Valsko, Jefferson José; Campbell, Mason J.; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Edwards, Will; Lovejoy, Thomas E.; Laurance, Susan G.W.
2013Climate change as a threat to Brazil's Amazon forestFearnside, Philip Martin
2015Emissions from tropical hydropower and the IPCCFearnside, Philip Martin
2014Impacts of Brazil's Madeira River Dams: Unlearned lessons for hydroelectric development in AmazoniaFearnside, Philip Martin
2014Apparent environmental synergism drives the dynamics of Amazonian forest fragmentsLaurance, William F.; Andrade, Ana C.S.; Magrach, Ainhoa; Camargo, José Luís Campana; Campbell, Mason J.; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Edwards, Will; Valsko, Jefferson José; Lovejoy, Thomas E.; Laurance, Susan G.W.
2010Interdisciplinary research as a strategy for environmental science and management in Brazilian Amazonia: Potential and limitationsFearnside, Philip Martin
2010Climatic change as an integrating force in the pursuit of scienceFearnside, Philip Martin
2010More than CO2: A broader paradigm for managing climate change and variability to avoid ecosystem collapseMcAlpine, Clive Alexander; Ryan, Justin G.; Seabrook, Leonie M.; Thomas, Sebastian; Dargusch, Paul J.; Syktus, Jozef; Pielke, Roger A.; Etter, Andres; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Laurance, William F.